Our Mission

The Georgia Cooperative Development Center provides assistance to startup and existing cooperative businesses across the state of Georgia with the goal of addressing the social needs of our communities and creating a more equitable economy. We do this with a strategic plan that hits on many of the barriers to co-op development in Georgia:


We educate stakeholders, particularly youth and opinion leaders, about the values and benefits of cooperative businesses in Georgia. We hope to eventually have a Coop Academy which interested groups can enroll in that will start their journey from feasibility to ribbon-cutting.


We convene networking opportunities for the Georgia cooperative community to meet and greet one another, share wisdom and best practices and begin to reinforce those relationships in new ways.

Technical Assistance

We provide connections for startup and existing co-ops to research the feasibility of new co-ops (or new business ventures within existing co-ops) as well as tackling business planning which can be used to help secure funding.


We gather precise analytics on the state of the Georgia cooperative economy, its present impact, and multiplier effects, making the case for an already strong co-op economy and begging the question: how much more could we do?

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