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(Initial List Credited to Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance)

Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice
By Dr. Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Published in 2014, 311 pages.

The Co-operative Revolution (A Graphic Novel)
by Paul Fitzgerald (aka Polyp)
Published in 2012, 80 pages

Companies we keep: employee ownership and the business of community and place
by John Abrams
Published in 2008, 333 pages.

Building co-operative power : stories and strategies from the worker-cooperatives in the Connecticut River Valley
by Janelle Cornwell; Michael Johnson; Adam Trott
Published in 2013, 278 pages.

For all the people: uncovering the hidden history of cooperation, cooperative movements, and communalism in America
By John Curl
Published in 2012, 576 pages.

Humanizing the economy: co-operatives in the age of capital
by John Restakis
Published in 2010, 295 pages.

The cooperative solution: how the United States can tame recessions, reduce inequality, and protect the environment
By E.G. Nadeau
Published in 2012, 123 pages.

Building powerful community organizations: a personal guide to creating groups that can solve problems and change the world
By Michael Jacoby Brown
Published in 2006, 394 pages

Wired Differently
By Vern Dosch
Published in 2015, 240 pages

Economics Unmasked: From power and greed to compassion and the common good
By Philip B Smith & Manfred Max-Neef
Published in 2011, 187 pages

Jobs of our Own: Building a Stakeholder Society. Alternatives to the Market & the State.
by Race Mathews
Published in 1999, 247 pages

From Corporate Globalization to Global Co-operation: We Owe It to Our Grandchildren
By J. Tom Webb
Published in 2016, 164 pages

From Mondragon to America: Experiments in Community Economic Development
by Greg MacLeod
Published in 1998, 250 pages

Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy: Helping People Build Cooperatives, Social Enterprise, and Local Sustainable Economies
by Janelle Orsi
Published in 2013, 630 pages

The Law of Cooperatives
by Roland Hall (Board Member of the Georgia Cooperative Development Center)
Published in 2009, 120 pages

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