We’re Going to Baltimore!

Georgia Cooperative Development Center, in partnership with Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development and La Liga de Cooperativas de Puerto Rico submitted a proposal “Youth-Owned, Worker-Run: the Future Cooperative Business Leaders of the US South” which was accepted, and is getting a shoutout for this year’s Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy!

Our session will focus on youth worker co-op development in Puerto Rico, Florida and Georgia. Thanks from GCDC to Athens Land Trust for the partnership with the Young Urban Farmers (YUF) on training in cooperative business development. 

We’re looking forward to visiting the University of Baltimore School of Law next month to share stores, and start to talk about an east coast (national?) coalition of youth worker co-op programs, exchanging best practices, and building from the youth up.

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If you’re headed to the conference, be sure to drop by our session, and say hello!